This eco-friendly, user-friendly plastic colorant combines the chroma of an organic colorant with selected physical and chemical properties of an inorganic pigment. Each color can be compatibly mixed in a variety of ratios, resulting in a palette of colors.

Clay from the Earth and color from nature are combined to create a hybridized pigment that exhibits excellent chemical and physical properties. The most Earth-friendly choice ever for coloring biodegradable polymers and a broad range of other plastics.

A new hybrid, dye/clay composite created to provide distinctive custom colors and enhanced performance characteristics in a broad range of resins. Boasting improved thermal stability, light fastness, solvent resistance — and, of course, our patented "green" manufacturing process.

The Mayan mask, "No Sacrifices", "MayaCrom", "MayaPure", "MayaSol", and "Mayan Pigments" are trademarks of Mayan Pigments, Inc.